January 16

The Art of Sensual & Erotic Massage


Male Sensuality & Touch

A male masseur giving a sensual body massage to another man

Massage is a therapeutic strategy to release stress and tension through active and dynamic muscle manipulation involving soft superficial touch to deeper applied pressure in key areas. Massage has been around a long time and for good reason! It promotes general good health both physically and metaphysically with regular participation.

Besides physical manipulation of soft tissues to relieve tension, the practice of touch and close body contact between two men is a positive energy exchange that encourages mindfulness. The experience is here and now. When we engage in regular mindfulness and meditation, we connect to our spiritual self outside the realm of material presence. Sensual and erotic massage is a practice that can help us achieve this. 

With time, the masseur develops a keen sense for maximizing sensual touch and helping to bring forth positive energy flow. When you give someone a sensual and erotic massage, it's a good idea to put yourself into a mindset of peace and love and of giving. These positive thoughts will set you up for a great session with your massage participant and help set the stage for positive energy flow.

The practice is more meaningful with the right mindset and it's important to promote an environment of relaxation. Sensual and erotic massage is an art that incorporates and plays with the physical and metaphysical senses. It takes practice to improve your skill in the art of therapeutic sensual and erotic massage.

Regular clinical massages offered by registered massage therapists neglect to feed those areas craving sensual and erotic touch, namely the buttocks and genitals. Sadly, we don't feel fully satisfied with the standard of massage practice because for many of us men, there is a deeper desire to fully surrender the body to touch. You might have felt this - an excitement within but unfortunately, in standard massage practice, this gets shut down and we never get to explore the deeper feelings of sensuality and eroticism from massage. 

Male to male sensual and erotic massage offers relaxation, comfort, and exploration without guilt. Here are some key lessons I've learned over the years of practice to enhance the experience of male sensuality, eroticism, and touch:

  • The right music helps sets the mood as does an uplifting and relaxing essential oil for aromatherapy (I like to use an oil diffuser);
  • A good oil-lotion mix that allows for better grip when going a bit deeper into soft tissue;
  • A cycle between light touch and tapping to deeper therapeutic pressure applied throughout the massage helps establish the right meditative and in-tune senses for your participant;
  • Slow movements enhance full body relaxation and allow energy to flow peacefully and more naturally. Slowing it down is very important to dispel any negative and anxious energy while ushering in energy of trust and deep connection;
  • There are plenty of erogenous zones to focus your touch, and sensations vary from guy to guy so it's important to explore and keep in tune with his level of enjoyment;
  • Instruments and toys can be helpful to enhance the experience, especially when targeting the prostate. Prostate massage is often better achieved with toys inserted into the anus rather than using a finger or fingers. Fingers are great but fingers are also bony and rigid while finger nails can be sharp. Often, the best sensations will come from a range of anal toys and prostate massage instruments. Check out my recommended toys below. They're all from Mister B (just love this company) and for any purchase you make, use the coupon code: MRBYKKD-YBQ7-Y6ITOnline (copy and paste) to get 5% off all purchases at checkout! Their website home page is https://www.misterb.com.
anal sex toy for anal pleasure

Mystim Twisting Tom Silicone Quatro-Polar Plug Black from Mister B of Amsterdam (World-wide Shipping)

Price: € 63.22

Twisting Tom is the first ever quattro-polar prostate stimulator made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone. The 4 poles create two separated stimulation areas: the prostate and the perineum. Thanks to Flex & Stay you can bend Twisting Tom in whatever form you desire, the toy will keep this form. Length: 130mmDiameter: min. 25mm max. 37mm

realistic male anal dildo for anal pleasure

Fucktools Hammering Hank Dildo Flesh from Mister B of Amsterdam (World-wide Shipping)

Price: € 54.95

The suction cup is strong and holds extremely well on smooth surfaces such as shower tiles, mirrors, doors and the side of your bed.  Next to the suction cup, the Mister B FUCKTOOLS are compatible with the HUNG system accessories. Perfect for some DIY fun or together with you partner.

Hammering Hank is a whopping 24cm long and has a 6.3cm diameter.

discreet public play vibrating butt plug for anal pleasure

Lovense Hush Butt Plug 38 mm from Mister B of Amsterdam (World-wide Shipping)

Price: € 109.00

Hush is a smartphone-controlled butt plug with countless vibration patterns. It's designed for solo play, discreet public play, and long distance couples. The hardware is fully optimized for public play so it's powerful but quiet. Kinky!

These are just a few toys you might want to check out and experiment with for your anal pleasure. You'll find a ton more options from Mister B - a company from Amsterdam that I just love. Their company is for male pleasure and they're super kinky with lots of options to choose from! If you have any questions, flip me an email, text, or leave a comment below and I'll reply as soon as I can. Mister B offers international shipping and all prices are listed in Euros. Don't forget to use my 5%-Off coupon code. Here it is again: MRBYKKD-YBQ7-Y6ITOnline


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