June 20

Why You Should Engage in Sensual and Caressive Touch Regularly


Key Points 

  • Caressive touch and sensual massage is meditative by nature. 
  • Caressive touch and sensual massage is healing on many levels.  

Sensual Touch is Meditative and Healing.

We humans crave touch. Firstly, touch can be a powerful form of connection. Second, sensual and caressing touch and body-to-body contact builds a connection that helps stimulate the flow of healing energy. Just think to the last time when somebody held your hand and ran his fingers across your palm. Then, think to a time when someone drew a slow concentrated caress along your inner thigh. Thinking back, you’ll likely remember that your entire body tingled, right? You feel as though you’re melting. These sensations you feel when you allow yourself to melt into the touch of a slow and caressing hand is both meditative and healing. 

It’s Meditative. 

The experience is immersive and that in itself brings you to focus on the here and now. When you allow yourself to let go and focus your attention in the moment, you’ll notice a meditative calm that takes over your body and mind. This is powerful. Instantly, your body connects with the energy input coming from your partner’s slow and steady touch. He’ll run his fingers along your inner thigh. Then, he’ll gently tickle your scrotum with his tongue. Finally, he’ll slowly glide his body on top of yours when suddenly, you’ll notice all your stress disappear. In this moment, nothing else matters and you’ll feel absolute bliss when you embrace the tingling sensations. 

It’s Healing on Many Levels. 

Meditation comes in many forms including the immersive experience of a caressing slow touch and sensual massage. The added sense of connection you receive and reciprocate is very healing to body, mind, and soul. Flow of positive energy between you and your partner gives your body and mind an opportunity to ground and rebalance. As a result, negative lower frequency energy gets released and you allow yourself to receive higher frequency positive energy. This energy flow is healing physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.   

Benefits of Sensual Touch.

The healing potential of sensual touch and massage offers many benefits. These benefits include an immediate release of tension and stress with a sudden inward flow of euphoric positive energy. Suddenly, you’ll feel aches and pains subside. Next, you’ll notice your heart rate and blood pressure lower. Then, you’ll feel emotional stresses and disturbances vanish. Though it’s not uncommon for some men to experience a sudden release of emotions during an immersive experience. This is often due to pent-up emotional energy that gets released all at once. If this happens, don’t be embarrassed and embrace the experience. Embrace the connection and allow the natural flow of energy to occur. 


We need human connection. Connection with sensual touch and massage provide meditative and healing benefits through positive energy flow. This immersive sensual experience from gentle caressive touch from your partner’s finger tips, hands, lips, tongue, and body will bring your body to tingle. These sensations will make you feel absolute mediative bliss. Stresses tend to evaporate in the moment, grounding your body, mind and soul. 

Let’s Engage.

Tell me, what’s your experience? Have you had a sensual massage? Do you and your partner or partners practice massage and caressive touch? Let me know in the comments. If you’re one of my clients, I’d love to hear what you think about my massage and how it’s potentially helped you heal and control stress. Leave a comment below. 


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