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What's the difference between a 4-Hands Massage & a 2-Hands Massage?

The 4-Hands Experience is a synchronized massage by two masseurs instead of one. The experience is unique, synchronized, therapeutic, sensual, and erotic.

Why is the 4-hands massage priced higher than Chris' 2-hands massage?

We decided on this pricing structure because the 4-Hands Experience is offered only a few times per year. Much work has gone into developing the 4-Hands Experience with attention to detail and synchronized massage technique. 

What can I expect from a 4-Hands Massage?

We want to pamper you. Let us work our 4-hand magic all over your nude body. We are friendly and hospitable. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

How often do you offer 4-Hands Massage?

We will be offering the 4-Hands Experience a few times per year.

Who is the second person performing the 4-Hands Massage with Chris?

Martin is a therapeutic, sensual & erotic masseur in Montreal. He has 6-years of experience and will be massaging with Chris.

What payment methods do you accept in-person at the time of my appointment?

We accept cash, credit, or e-transfer.

Is there sales tax?

Yes, the standard Ontario HST will be applied on top of the service rate.

Is tipping mandatory?

Gratuity is graciously appreciated but not expected.

Will there be sex during the 4-Hands Massage?

We ask that you refrain from expectations of sex as this is a therapeutic and sensual-erotic massage. 

Is oral allowed during the massage?

We ask that you refrain from expectations of oral as this is a therapeutic and sensual-erotic massage. We also want to ensure safety to our clients by not engaging in behaviours where there's risk of potential STIs.

Do I get to cum?

It is completely up to you how you would like the massage to go but it's not a race to the finish line. We want you to feel relaxed and let us take care of you with our magic hands.

Do the two masseurs doing the 4-Hands Massage get to cum as well?

Our focus is completely on you. We prefer you don't bring this expectation. It's best to leave it to the moment and let each of us decide. 

What is your cancelation policy after booking a 4-Hands Massage?

We sincerely hope you won't cancel after making a reservation with us since this service is a coordinated effort. Martin will be traveling from Montreal each time we offer this service. To limit last minute cancelations, we do have a cancelation policy in place that you can refer to here.

Do you share photos before I book?

To respect our privacy, we do not engage in the exchange of photos online or via mobile chat apps and text. We will not require you to send us any photos either. 

Can I shower before and/or after the massage?

Absolutely! You are welcome to shower before and/or after your 4-hands massage. 

What if I have scent or oil allergies?

Please let us know when you reserve your massage online in the notes section or feel free to email or text us anytime. We will make the appropriate accommodations for you. 

Do you have any pets?

Yes - a cute dog that is well behaved. 

Where do I park?

There is paid municipal street parking (Pay at machine and they do take credit cards as well as coins). Alternatively, there is parking inside Chris' building. After making a reservation, you will receive a detailed confirmation email that will include parking information.

Can I call you on the phone?

Please feel free to text or email instead. We prefer not to answer calls since we're usually busy, but we'll get back to text messages and emails quickly!

Do you offer discounts or promos?

Sometimes but not often. We offer an exceptional massage experience and therefore the rates reflect that.

What is your massage experience like?

Both Chris and Martin have each 6 years massage experience. Please feel free to read through client reviews and comments on the main site, Bodground.com to find out what others are saying. 

Do you accept all body types?

Absolutely! Please feel free to make a reservation no matter your body type!

How do I book a 4-Hands Massage?

When offered, we highly recommend you reserve right away since there will only be 6 spaces available during a promotional weekend (three on the Saturday and three on the Sunday). Simply follow the instructions to reserve your 4-Hands Experience and select a time in the calendar. You will receive confirmation via email once you've successfully reserved your time. Please email or text Chris should you have any questions. Click HERE to contact Chris.

Why is your 4-Hands Massage only offered sometimes?

We decided to offer this new 4-Hands Experience on a promotional basis. We thought this would be a fun and exciting new type of experience to offer in the Ottawa area. Should this be more popular than expected, more promotional weekends will be offered. 

I'm nervous about having two men massage me.

Completely normal but please know that we are both very welcoming and want to make sure you have an excellent experience! Nothing to worry about from us. Chris' building is also very safe and located in a good downtown neighbourhood.