The New 4-Hands Experience is Here!

The 4-Hands Experience is Here!

You asked for it and it's here - an unforgettable 4-hands massage by two exceptional masseurs, Chris & Martin. 

You asked for it  - an unforgettable 4-hands massage by two exceptional masseurs, Chris & Martin.

You asked for it - an unforgettable 4-hands massage by two exceptional masseurs, Chris & Martin.

Experience the Magic of 4-Hands

Ever wonder what it would be like to get a sensual & erotic all-nude massage by two guys instead of one? Well, now you can! We've put together the unforgettable synchronized 4-Hands Experience you'll fall in love with.

Introducing the 4-Hands Experience offered by Chris & Martin

Chris has been the owner and operator of BodGround Male Massage in Ottawa for about six years. He has developed an all-energizing therapeutic and full-body sensual & erotic massage style. Martin has been practicing male-to-male therapeutic, sensual, and erotic massage for nearly six years in Montreal. Together, they bring the magic, energy, and synchronization of 4-hands, an unforgettable experience you'll fall in love with!

What Can I Expect from a 4-Hands Massage?

When you arrive, both Chris and Martin will greet you and help to get you into your comfort zone. Our goal is to have you totally relaxed and ready for a unique massage experience unlike any other. We'll first offer you a shower and then we'll invite you to lay on a comfortable massage table completely naked (Chris & Martin will be too). Both masseurs will work over your body, first with gentle effleurage to get the blood flowing and your muscles warmed up and then to your preference of massage strength. Know that Chris & Martin are well attuned to muscle biofeedback and can adjust massage pressure based on what your body likes. 

Total Bliss from Sensual & Erotic Touch

Let your imagination take you on a sensual and erotic journey of total bliss. With 4-hands, Chris & Martin will facilitate the flow of energy that will ultimately make your body hum. They will work with your energy, alternating between light touches and glides to deeper therapeutic muscle massage. Your body has erogenous zones that have yet to be discovered!

Our 4-Hands Massage will Leave You Feeling:

Totally Relaxed

Right away, you'll feel the magic of 4-hand touch that will calm your body's energy and allow your muscles to melt into the table. 

Completely Renewed

You'll feel that any stress you had before has completely vanished. You'll notice a sense of renewed balance & energy.

More than Satisfied

The 4-Hands Experience is not just a massage with 4-hands, but a massage that explores sensual & erotic touch.

Okay, this sounds really good for me, but what if I have requests or a fantasy that I'd like fulfilled you might ask...


We welcome requests as long as they are safe for everyone involved.

We sometimes get requests to satisfy fantasies and that's totally cool. Please let us know and we'll be happy to work with you to bring your fantasy alive. We only ask that everyone's safety gets respected.


A common request is prostate play & exploration.

The prostate can be exceptionally erogenous and blissful. We use finger cots when performing prostate massage. Toys are welcomed if you want to bring any. Our only request is that you come thoroughly washed inside.

Customer stories with Chris

Allan - Client of Chris

Have had many massage experiences with Chris and my experience each time has been fantastic.

Chris is consistently great at what he does so I am always satisfied.

Eriq - Client of Chris

Chris has amazing hands and knows how to relieve the knots in my shoulders and back also, helped ease my sciatic pain .
He certainly knows his techniques and mixes them to suit our needs completely.

Tyler - Client of Chris

Chris was great, he welcomed me with his lovely dog asked a few questions and I was instructed what to do and made to feel comfortable and to take my time. He made me feel very comfortable.

And Remember, it's Not a Race to the Finish Line...

Chris & Martin have many years of experience offering sensual-erotic and therapeutic massage. They've seen that sometimes guys want to hurry and blow a load too quickly. It's so much better when the erotic energy gets to build first. Let Chris & Martin take care of you with an energy of total relaxation and bliss. 

And do the Two Masseurs Get to Orgasm?

Our focus is 100% on you. We want to make sure your 4-Hands Experience is all about you and not about us. We ask that you refrain from this expectation only because expectations often disrupt energy flow and change the atmosphere of relaxation. The masseurs will ultimately decide in the moment. 

When are You Offering the 4-Hands Experience?

Our launch weekend will be Saturday, January 14th & Sunday, January 15th 2023 with a total of six massage bookings (3 per day). When you join our 4-Hands VIP list, you will be contacted by email as a first-come-first-served basis to schedule your time on our launch weekend. Should we be a popular pair, we will open up more weekends to deliver the 4-Hands Experience. And don't worry if you are unavailable during our launch weekend in January - we'll keep you on the list for our next 4-Hands Experience happening in March (weekend tbd).

Our Pricing Structure for the 4-Hands Experience

5 Star Service Guaranteed

2 Full Hours




Our full two-hour VIP 4-Hands Therapeutic Sensual & Erotic Massage *Save $200

  • Our longest massage session of 2 full hours where you save $200
  • Therapeutic, Sensual, Erotic
  • Synchronized 4-Hands

90 Minutes




Our 90-Minute VIP 4-Hands Therapeutic Sensual & Erotic Massage *Save $100

  • Our 90-minute massage session where you save $100
  • Therapeutic, Sensual, Erotic
  • Synchronized 4-Hands

60 Minutes




Our 60 Minute VIP 4-Hands Therapeutic Sensual & Erotic Massage

  • Our starting rate for 60 minutes 
  • Therapeutic, Sensual, Erotic
  • Synchronized 4-Hands

We accept cash or credit card (all major credit cards). We do not accept e-transfer, nor can we take debit payments. Payment to be made at in-person visit.

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