Thanks for visiting and welcome to my site! My name is Chris and I’ve been doing M2M Massage for five years. I’m 35, muscular, five-foot-eight-inches tall & have brown hair and brown eyes. I’d say I’m a decently good looking guy but I’ll let you be the judge of that :P

I went to school for Kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and I am quite familiar with the male body and it’s muscles - from origin to insertion, where they’re situated, deep versus superficial muscles, etc. and I’ll make you feel like you’re floating!

I'm pretty versatile with my practice and I can press hard, medium, or light (however you like it) and I can help get rid of those pesky knots! In addition to standard therapeutic massage techniques, I will make the moment we have together that much better! Why? Because I don't limit my massage and touch!

When we meet, you'll see that I don't just go through the motions - instead, I share my energy with you and it's always an amazing time! Sensual and erotic massage combined with full-body therapeutic massage is one of the best ways to crush stress and be in the moment of total exhilaration and pleasure!

I often get the question "Are you nude in the massage and can the touch be mutual?" My answer: "Absolutely!" It's an energy exchange and I believe the massage is just WAAY better that way! 

Ready to try a Male-to-Male Massage that tickles your senses? Experience the erotic and sensual side of massage and dive deep into relaxation! 

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Studio located downtown Ottawa near Bank & Gladstone.


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