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Male-to-male erotic and sensual massage in Ottawa

Why You Should Engage in Sensual and Caressive Touch Regularly

Key Points  Caressive touch and sensual massage is meditative by nature.  Caressive touch and sensual massage is healing on many levels.   Sensual Touch is Meditative and Healing. We humans crave touch. Firstly, touch can be a powerful form of connection. Second, sensual and caressing touch and body-to-body contact builds a connection that helps stimulate the

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Two Steps to Disconnect from Your Busy Routine

In this modern connected world, we’re called in every direction. Smart phones, while they’re a blessing, they’re also a curse with the endless emails, texts, and social media overuse. The good news is, while it may seem that you’re never able to disconnect, each of us has the conscious power to take pause and make it

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The Art of Sensual & Erotic Massage

Male Sensuality & Touch Massage is a therapeutic strategy to release stress and tension through active and dynamic muscle manipulation involving soft superficial touch to deeper applied pressure in key areas. Massage has been around a long time and for good reason! It promotes general good health both physically and metaphysically with regular participation.Besides physical

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