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Terms & Conditions

In the spirit of trust and mutual respect, we ask that you not cancel less than 7 days of your scheduled 4-Hands Massage as much work and coordination was done to bring you the 4-Hands Experience.

Therefore, you agree to BodGround's 4-Hands Experience Cancelation Policy which states that any cancelation by you must be made no less than 7 days prior to your scheduled 4-Hands Massage and that any cancelation made less than 7 days before your scheduled 4-Hands Massage will result in a $250 cancelation fee to be paid via e-transfer to massage@bodground.com. 

You also agree to refrain from expectations of sex (this includes oral) to minimize risk of STIs for both yourself and for the two masseurs, Chris & Martin. You acknowledge that the 4-Hands Experience is a sensual-erotic and therapeutic massage where acts of sex are not part of the experience.